Friday, December 21, 2007

I have this friend from Jordan - let's just call him "Jordan" - who lent me his watch about a month ago. It was this huge clunky metal monstrosity, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Sure, it might have looked out of place on my bony little wrist. But I wore that watch non-stop for a week (more like two), and I got addicted. Eventually Jordan needed his watch back, but now I miss it like an amputated limb. I find myself scanning jewelry cases for it during my Christmas-shopping excursions, and sometimes I even glance down to check the time only to have nothing more than hair and freckles staring back at me. Sooner or later I'll probably become one of those crazy old bag ladies standing on the street corner asking strangers for the time...well maybe those people don't really exist, but I promise it's not going to be pretty. I need that watch back. Now.

Best of Balenciaga 2007

Form + Function = The Palestinian Scarf

On the Fringe

This girl almost makes me want to cut my bangs again. Almost.