Saturday, March 29, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Last night I was very sad after reading about Marc Jacobs' break up with Jason Preston. But I was also very disappointed in him for using his Facebook page to declare his relationship status. It's the surest way to get ridiculed publicly, or within any circle of friends.

Lesson learn, eh MJ?

P.S. Even if you couldn't care less about Marc Jacobs' love life, the article linked above is a hilarious commentary on Facebook relationships. Highly recommended.

The Green-Eyed Monster

I'm definitely feeling the color green for upcoming spring and summer. Green skirts, shoes, headbands, handbags – you name it; I want it.

In photo: Kooba, "Callie"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Way to go, Nance!

Love this quote from the former first lady:

"A woman is like a tea bag; you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."
- Nancy Reagan

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Girl

This morning, while working through the towering pile of magazines next to my bed, I read a poignant article in February's Allure, "Girl of my Dreams" by Jean Thompson. In it, Thompson describes seeing "The Girl I Always Wanted to Be" – something I think we've all experienced. Her Girl stood in line in front of her at an airport coffee shop. Even though traveling can be hectic and tiring, this Girl looked like a summery dream, while Thompson looked like a haggard mess.

The year I worked in France as an au pair, I watched my Girl every day, while we waited to pick our kids up at school. On my first day standing with the mothers by the playground gates, I wore shorts, a tank top and flip flops – true California style. All the mothers looked at me with disdain. My Girl wore skinny jeans, a white button-up, leather sandals, a straw tote, her hair back in chignon. Effortless. When I got back to the house, the dad asked me if we had been "out playing sport." I knew I needed to make some wardrobe changes.

For the rest of my time there, my Girl looked perfect every day. In the fall, she wore a classic khaki trench and black cigarette pants. In the winter, a long black coat and a red handbag. When the weather got warmer again, she pulled out knee-length walking shorts and gold bangles. Her icon status solidified for me the day her husband came with her to pick up their kids. He was tall and good looking (although not as perfectly dressed), and with their children – an older boy and a younger girl – they looked like the perfect family.

At the end of Thompson's essay, she realizes that sometimes "The Girl I Always Wanted to Be" is actually "The Girl I Could Have Been If I'd Wanted." And she sees that she probably didn't want to be that girl in the first place.

Nothing ever broke the spell my Girl cast on me. But as Thompson rightly points out, our Girl "changes over time, mutates along with our chronological age and the prevailing culture." Maybe I wouldn't be as entranced with my Girl if I saw her now, at this stage in my life – finishing up graduate school, finding a job at a magazine, moving to the City. Maybe I would. Or maybe, instead, she would fall into the category of "The Girl We Hope to Be a Few Years Down the Road." And that wouldn't be such a bad thing either.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Kid on the Block

Did anyone else notice there's a new Style Blogger at Teen Vogue?! I'm not sure what happened to Kimball Hastings (in photo, right), but I miss him already. Not that newbie Andrew Bevan did a bad job, but I just love the name "Kimball."

"Smile with your eyes!"

Every season my friends and I bet on the girl we think will win America's Next Top Model. So far, we haven't made our predictions this cycle, but I still have my favorites. At the tippy top of my list: Anya. Sure, her accent is a little weird, even for a Hawaiian. But her pictures are amazing, plus the girl can walk!

Runners up: Lauren, Aimee

Go home: Dominique

Loves It

Last weekend, I visited a friend in Philadelphia. We were going through his DVR, and he told me I should watch this movie, Slackers. Actually, I think his words were, "This is the greatest movie no one's ever seen." Well, the movie was alright. But it did remind me how much I absolutely adore the supremely talented Jason Schwartzman (a.k.a. Cool Ethan). Why don't people talk about this guy more? Maybe I just love short Jews with big beautiful eyes, which I do. Or maybe Jason S. is the greatest thing since sliced bread – he's musical, he can write, he can act, he can dress. What can't he do?

I'm smitten.

The Ultimate Quest

On the path to Marc J., mark this as step no. 2: I just scored an internship at! According to my new editor, I'll be doing a lot of fashion writing – not unlike the lovely blog you're reading right now. So somehow, with working in fashion and living in NYC, I can't help but think that I'll be that much closer to the lovely Monsieur Jacobs. Only time will tell...

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Handbag Holiday

Great news on St. Patrick's Day: Botkier just signed a deal to do a line for Target! Now we'll all be lucky enough to have a chance to own a bag that normally sells for $600 plus.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Teens love Avril? Seriously?!

Avril Lavigne is going to partner with Khol's to produce a junior's line for back-to-school? You've got to be joking.

I've never had an issue with Khol's before – Vera Wang's line was intriguing – but this absolutely kills me. Whoever thought that Avril should be some sort of role model / selling point for teenagers should be slapped. Or fired at the very least.