Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh Mary Kate

It pains me to say this about you, MK. I have always been secretly rooting for you. Through the eating disorder, when Stravos left you and started dating Paris, all of it. But it makes it a little hard to get behind you, when you wear something like this:

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You are wearing awful white sunglasses like Chloe Sevigny. Your shoes are even similar to hers. Please Mary Kate, please do not take her as your style inspiration. It will lead to no good.

P.S. Quit smoking.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gotta Love Gunn

I am obsessed with Project Runway. I watch it every Wednesday at 7 p.m. I have my favorites (Michael and Jeffrey) and my not-so-favorites (Angela and Vincent). But during the last two seasons, my reason for watching the show has slowly shifted from being interested in watching the whole creative process unfold to being interested in the man rooting for all the contestants to "carry on" after sharing his helpful words of design wisdom. Tim Gunn is by far and away the most awesomest part of Project Runway.

On Thursday mornings - after having watched the show and discussing it thoroughly with the roommate - I turn on Tim's podcast to get a blow-by-blow of the episode from his insider perspective. Besides his never-ending fashion knowledge (after being at Parson's for nearly 25 years) and keen, dry wit, Tim brings a genuineness and likeability to the fashion industry, which is usually known for its shallowness and cutthroat ways. Even though I love fashion and most everything associated with it, I started to think that maybe this particular industry was suited only to a certain type of (not very nice) person. But now I realize that's not the case, and I have Tim to thank for that. His openness, thoughtfulness and caring personality are inspirational to anyone thinking of venturing into that daunting industry. And that is why I've gotta love Tim Gunn.

Tim's Blog

Monday, September 25, 2006

The OC Rebuttal

Okay. I admit that Mischa doesn't always look her best on a random Sunday morning filling up at the gas station (see Megs' first post), but Rachel doesn't always look the best either (and at public events no less - take note of the pic below). I love them both, and I love that neither of them have a personal stylist, as far as I know. We all make mistakes, but we all don't have to be reminded of those bad choices every Friday when US Weekly comes out on the newsstand. Kudos to both girls for staying true to their own personal styles and braving Hollywood without Rachel Zoe trailing behind at every event.

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By the way, the above is supposed to demonstrate Rachel's fashion missteps and Mischa's dead-on hot days...Sorry I couldn't do better, Mischa. haha.

A Little Surprised...

So I'm actually really liking this dress that Paris Hilton is wearing. I mean I don't always dislike what she wears, but I have thought "What was she thinking?" on more than one occasion.

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Even her accessories are nice and go with the look.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Battle in the OC

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Rachel Bilson looks so cute here. I know Mischa isn't on The OC anymore, but there is a clear winner between these two and their fashion choices. Mischa has just been picking the most odd things lately. But pretty much every time I see Rachel, I think how cute she looks, or that it is something that I would actually wear. Not too over the top, and doable by regular people.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I hate to start off with a bad one

But Mischa Barton has left me no choice. Look at this monstrosity:

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Hideous. Just hideous. It looks part renaissance, part make-it-yourself-in-home-ec-class.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A New Adventure

My friend Jen and I decided to start a fashion blog. We both felt we needed something a little creative in our lives (besides the stuff we already have). So hopefully this blog will be fun for us. We're both into fashion and that kind of stuff, so hopefully you enjoy it. We'll be covering stuff in a wide range of topics that are all related to fashion: runway shows, designer news, celebrities, ect. Enjoy.