Monday, September 25, 2006

The OC Rebuttal

Okay. I admit that Mischa doesn't always look her best on a random Sunday morning filling up at the gas station (see Megs' first post), but Rachel doesn't always look the best either (and at public events no less - take note of the pic below). I love them both, and I love that neither of them have a personal stylist, as far as I know. We all make mistakes, but we all don't have to be reminded of those bad choices every Friday when US Weekly comes out on the newsstand. Kudos to both girls for staying true to their own personal styles and braving Hollywood without Rachel Zoe trailing behind at every event.

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By the way, the above is supposed to demonstrate Rachel's fashion missteps and Mischa's dead-on hot days...Sorry I couldn't do better, Mischa. haha.