Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Sigh* Oh Rumer...

Is it just me, or does Rumer Willis always wear strapless dresses that look like they are about to fall off of her?

I feel like she takes perfectly cute dresses (or at least ok ones), and ruins the look by having it hanging so far down on her. Another example:

Get it taken in, Rumer! Whatever it takes to keep it up where it belongs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love It or Hate It: Pegged Jeans Edition

So we've been seeing A LOT of photos of Katie Holmes out and about with a new look. And that look? Pegged jeans. Another trend from the 80s coming back to haunt us. And not only is she pegging her jeans, but the jeans all seem so ill-fitting. I'd say they were Tom's if they weren't clearly too long to be his. I personally am not a fan of this look at all. Why do we want to put on a pair of pants that make people wonder if we're trying to hide a baby bump? But, it's obviously not just up to me.

Celebrity Spotlight: Jason Schwartzman

We here at Le Fashion Blog have a definite love for Jason Schwartzman. His movies are always fun and a little on the quirky side, just like him. He's one of the main reasons I wanted to watch Marie Antoinette despite the poor reviews I heard about it.

He has a definite sense of style, often opting for a suit (with or without tie), or sweater. And every so often, he likes to throw on a pair of glasses for us.

Ads We Love

I think this is a particularly gorgeous shot of Liv Tyler for Gap.

She looks so effortlessly beautiful. I'm not sure that I would buy this sweater, but the ad almost makes me want to give it a try.

Love It or Hate It: Katie Holmes. Hair Edition

Ok, so this isn't 100 % fasion related. But, technically hair is part of our style. So what do you think of Katie's new, shorter hair cut?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Love It or Hate it: Scarlett Johansson

I really can't decide with this one. Part of me says yes, this is great. And the other is like, "Eh....I'm not too sure about this one."

What do you think?
Love it
Hate it
Not really sure
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