Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"NEET" Magazine Site

Last summer, my then-roommate Judy told me about this new-ish online magazine called "N.E.E.T." Immediately, I asked where I could buy it. Of course I couldn't buy it anywhere! I could only view it on my small computer screen.

I've kept up with the issues this far, and it just occurred to me tonight to share one of my favorite web sites with our Fashion Blog readers. Sorry it took me so long, guys.

"N.E.E.T.'s" editor Stephanie J. lives in London, but other contributors live in the states and various parts of Europe. "N.E.E.T." is dedicated to grassroots, DIY fashion and features products that the reader can buy online as well as providing links to the online boutiques. The magazine reads like a print version with over 150 pages of content that you can scroll through at your leisure, advertisements, articles and photo spreads.

"N.E.E.T." really is as great as it sounds.