Friday, February 08, 2008

Brush with Destiny

I just got one step closer to my lifelong dream: meeting Marc Jacobs. My friend Matthew went to NY Fashion Week (Bryant Park) and loittered in front of the tents, mingling with celebs and designers alike. He witness MJ pull up in some sort of awesome automobile and walk right past him into the tents. Then he sent me a text pic of the car. It was like I was there.

On a side note, I met Matthew in Paris, while he worked for a graphic design firm with clients like the one and only Christian Lacroix. He tried to get MJ's address for me from his bosses, who were very much in-the-know, but they wouldn't give away MJ's personal contact info to a "crazy American girl."

A last thing...I told a Syracuse friend about this exciting sighting, and he called my icon "an over-sexed, middle-aged man." What?!