Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Give me the Gossip

This is about the best news I've read all month (but it is only the second week of June I guess)...

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The makers of "Gossip Girl" are planning a spinoff series set at a girls boarding school. Producers are hoping to expand the popular CW show by either giving co-star Taylor Momsen her own series or by introducing a new character in the fall who is later spun off. Regardless of which actor is used, the story would likely draw on the arc of Momsen's character Jenny Humphrey in the "Gossip Girl" book series for inspiration.

Humphrey is a self-esteem challenged outsider who struggles to fit in. In the books, a series of public embarrassments (such as appearing in a teen magazine wearing next to nothing) results in Humphrey having to either repeat ninth grade or find a new school. She elects to enter a boarding school and reinvents herself as a popular girl. Her story is told in a series of six "Gossip" spinoff novels called "The It Girl."

Is it just me, or is anyone else as excited to see what types of colorful costumes the new show might bring? Blair and friends have already brought back prep-school chic to the forefront of all that is trendy. But maybe with little Jenny Humphreys reigning as Queen of the Cool Kids, the styles could take on more downtown street cred. The girl is from Brooklyn, after all.