Friday, January 11, 2008

The New Flight Crew

I've been stuck at JFK for the past four hours, and it has been good people-watching for sure. I'm always in a quandary about what to wear on long, overnight flights, so I like to compare what everyone else is wearing and make adjustments where necessary.

It's like a regular circus around here with all the different kinds of people who go through New York City. Of course there are the frazzled parents in sweatshirts, jeans and an armful of children. Then there are the people who don't have children and still don't care what they look like, showing up in pajama pants and oversize t-shirts. Really?!! I had a nun dressed in a full habit sitting next to me for a little while. And on the flight from California I think I was sitting across from a real, live prositute. Well she was wearing skin-tight everything, fake boobs, full ghetto make-up and her ring tone was that "move your body like a cyclone" song. So it seems that "hooker" is the logical explanation.

For my part, I'm wearing straight-leg super dark jeans, thin layered shirts, a huge long faux-fur coat, a gigantic doctor bag that holds my laptop/handbag/magazines/etc, and smudged makeup with messy curly hair. Basically, I'm a hot mess. That's what four hours of waiting at JFK will do to a girl.