Monday, February 05, 2007

Eva Longoria Just Gained Some Points

Apparently Eva turns down the freebies that she (and most, if not all celebrities) get sent. She is said to not wear them on the red carpet according to this article, where she states: "There are lots of designers I don't wear because they were so mean to me when I was a nobody," she said. "It's like Pretty Woman. They were: 'Who are you? We're not dressing you.' Now everybody's sending stuff. All the freebies are insane. I feel bad about taking them. I was on another show before Desperate Housewives and we couldn't even get a free doughnut." I kind of like that she stands up for what she believes in and doesn't endorse people who treated her poorly before, and have suddenly taken interest now that she's on a popular show. Although, the article is a bit old, so she could have changed her stance on things.